Who We Are


erling truckErling is an all-inclusive equipment distribution, service, and installation business serving the needs of companies engaged in providing liquid fuels in retail, commercial, aviation, and marine operations.

We began operations in 2006 in Houston Texas with the acquisition of A&A Pumps Co, a company with a 30 year history in the fueling industry. In 10 short years, we have opened offices in Austin and San Antonio. We continue to expand into additional markets throughout the state of Texas.

As with all industries, our customers have options for the products and services we provide.  The difference we bring to the market is best summarized in a concept we call “Fuel Systems Done Right.“  We don’t just provide products and services, we provide the best equipment available for the application at hand, we service that equipment with well trained and certified technicians, we install that equipment using TCEQ licensed installation personnel following industry best practices, we provide compliance services to ensure that the equipment continues to meet regulatory requirements, and we bring data analysis offerings to help our customers understand and reduce their total cost of ownership.

Our goal is to build a company known for the quality of the Equipment, Service, Installation, and Compliance services we provide.  Quality starts with hiring and retaining the best people we can find.  We think that you will find that the people at Erling are the best in the industry and we are proud of their dedication and performance.

So please give us a try.  We think you will find that we are different.  We think you will find that we are the company you can depend on to build your business.  We think you will find Erling your company for “Fueling Systems Done Right!”

our values

  • SafetyAt Erling, we value the safety of our employees, our customers, and the public above all else. We invest heavily in the training, equipment, and materials necessary for the safe performance of our duties.
  • QualityQuality and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. From minimizing site downtime to representing the best brands in the industry, we strive to beat our customers’ expectations.
  • PerformanceHard work and efficiency are fundamental to who we are. We hire the best in the industry, provide extensive training, and empower our people to make effective decisions.
  • ResponsibilityEvery team member at Erling leads by example. We exhibit individual integrity and when we see something that needs to be done, we take personal action to get it done.
  • RespectWe treat each other, our customers, and our suppliers with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Markets Served

Erling supplies and serves all industries where liquid fueling and metering equipment are used. Whether you are running a single site or a multitude of locations, we want to assist you to make sure you get the most value out of our equipment